Meet Our Team

Dr Sinclair and Dr Hopen opened their first clinic in Cupar in 2006, and realising the high demand for a chiropractor in the area, branched out into St Andrews in early 2008. There have been many changes since then, and in 2009, we moved both our clinics to high street properties.

All our chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council.


Our objective is simple. We understand that your health is among your most valuable possessions, and we are here to assist you in climbing the ladder to wellness.

Your Health! Your Choice!

Regardless of your health goals, please understand that we see ourselves as your guide to health. You're the boss! It's your body, your health and your future. Our job is to offer you the finest chiropractic care possible, and it's up to you to decide how much of it you want.

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We look forward to welcoming you!


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