Meet Our Therapist

David Petrie - Sports Therapist

Sports therapy is the application of a variety of techniques to restore function, relieve pain or improve performance, whether for sporting activities, the day to day challenges of work or life in general.

Massage can be used as part of a treatment programme or to help maintain a level of function in muscles and joints to allow for the enjoyment of work and/or play.

I have 28 years of experience working in the field of sports injuries and massage. My work has taken me from a health spa, to a central London clinic, and into the homes of clients. My clients have ranged from professional sports people and dancers, through well-known personalities, to people who just want to take care of their bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I am now happy to be part of the health and wellness team at Kingdom Chiropractic in Cupar.

My qualifications include the Football Association Diploma in Treatment of Injuries, I.T.E.C. Sports Therapy Teaching Diploma and Massage Diplomas from both I.T.E.C and I.H.B.C.

I understand the frustration that pain and loss of function can bring and make it my mission to do everything possible to restore your body to its best.


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